February 3, 2017
Beachfront luxury home pool

Two-year beachfront estate search ends at Funnel Bay

After searching for the best family beachfront estate on the east coast of Australia (from Port Douglas to south of Wollongong) for two years, Funnel Bay was the one that ticked all the boxes for one buyer at The Beaches.
The purchaser of two allotments the Funnel Bay Estate emphasised the importance of the natural surroundings as a key factor in his buying decision. But it also ticked the other important criteria. Making a substantial investment in the family’s future, the property need to:
* Be somewhere for the couple to “rest” as they travel extensively
* Offer a large family estate on the beachfront
* Be close to holiday activities for the family
* Have good transport links for kids/grandkids to come in from different cities
* Have attractions to entice grown-up children to visit
* Have entertainment for the grandkids
* Be a family estate suitable for all ages
* Be close to coffee/restaurant/spa
The fact that Funnel Bay is only six minutes from Airlie Beach, the lifestyle hub of the Whitsundays and a short helicopter ride to Hamilton Island was an added bonus.
Big attractions for all the family included the reef, islands, water sports: yachting, snorkelling, kayaking, and fishing, as well as the northerly aspect and the peace and quiet.
“We need somewhere for the family to meet and to be able to entice people to stay, including their friends, the buyer said.
“My logic is the daughters-in-law are crucial to deciding where the families stay for holidays so I wanted somewhere to entice them but also keep grandchildren happy. I needed a family estate suitable for all ages and all sporting interests but also close to coffee and good restaurants and spa, etc. Hence Airlie Beach, which was chosen after two years of searching from south of Wollongong to Port Douglas.”
“Funnel Bay awed me because of the position, which is surrounded by national park but also because of the northerly aspect and the quiet.”

"Like nowhere else on Earth"